About Us

MCS Inspection Group has been in business for 16 years since 2005. We are exceptionally qualified to perform the work you have described inspection services to be provided for the Project.
• We are a NACE Certified Inspection Services company.
• We have conducted hundreds of water tank inspections for multiple water agencies.
• We average inspecting 35 water storage tanks per year.
• We have never been faulted for inferior work.
• We have the requisite insurance that meets all requirements.
• We have active memberships in professional associations such as NACE, AWWA, SSPC.

Who We Are

Our mission at MCS is to be the quality, service, technology and value-added leader in our primary areas.

We accomplish this by educating our employees in the NACE Coating Inspector Program in order to be more efficient and enhance our competitive position.

Our Services focus on water reservoirs, include coating & lining inspection, shop inspection, field inspection, Failure analysis, dive inspection and certified welding inspection.

MCS Inspection Group combines state-of-the-art calibrated equipment, along with years of experience and training to ensure that all work is performed according to both the project specifications and the product data information.

Our inspectors strive to ensure the substrate is properly prepared and clean which increases the quality and thus adds to the longevity of your facility. We take pride in ensuring that each inspection we conduct demonstrates a return on your investment with MCS.

MCS Inspectors are skilled professionals. It is vital to us that our Inspectors are certified by NACE toensure that we provide the highest level of performance for you.