MCS Coating Inspection Services

Onsite Coating Evaluations

MCS assists clients in evaluation new and existing coating systems, and their applications.  For existing coating systems, MCS is able to provide comprehensive evaluations, followed up with detailed reports including recommendations on solutions for protective coating failures.


MCS complets detailed specification for coatings on tanks, piping, and concrete as part of the owner’s contract specifications.  MCS also verifies existing specifications to ensure proper compliance of surface preparations and coating application.  The intended level of quality is assured throughout the preparation and applicatoin, with all aspects addresses appropriately.

Failure Analysis

MCS cfailure analysis is comprehensive, including field examinations for coating failures.  MCS will provide a detailed report with recommendations for correction and comprehensive conclusions for avoiding future coating failure repetition.

Quality Assurance

In the field, MCS monitors the entire coating operation, documenting all aspects for submission to the customer.  The following is included as part of the monitoring done by the inspector; pre-surfacing preparation, weather condition, coating mix preparation, wet/dry film thicknexx measurements, coating recoat times, cure evaluations, coathing adhesion, and holiday testing.  Our main purpose at MCS is to assist the contractor in meeting the specification standards, maximizing the life of the coating system and preventing premature failure expense.


Tank Inspection and Consulting

By providing certified personnel experienced in the construction and inspection of storage tanks, we can assure that our clients receive professional service. Inspections are necessary to inform our clients about
the condition of their storage tanks.

Design Services

  • Inspection Specifications
  • Coating Specifications

Our expertise is useful in the planning
Stage of projects where coating/lining is a
Concern. MCS provides technical analyses
And writing of inspection and coating specifications.

Dive Services

Dive inspection services Coating failure
Our dive service expertise is useful in the inspection and cleaning of tanks. MCS provides technical analyses and written reports along with video inspection of interior coating.

Inspection Services Third Party Coating/Lining

MCS Performs third party coating/lining inspection services for a variety of industries. These industries includes, but are not limited to, fabrication, rail car, pipeline, refineries, power plants, off shore, water storage, and waste water.

About Us

MCS Inspection Group understands the need for full time coating inspection.

During the normal course of inspection the following items need to be verified and documented to assure the project is in compliance with the specifications, and in accordance with accepted industry practices. The following quality related attributes require monitoring:

  • Pre Surface Preparation
  • Drying Schedules
  • Surface Preparation
  • Holiday Inspection
  • Protective Coverings
  • Mixing Of Materials
  • Final Inspection
  • Ambient Conditions
  • Application